The Fundamentals

is on HOLD until April - sorry, no classes until spring

Register on-line: - if you'd like to be on the list for April

For puppies and dogs 16 weeks of age and over - $199 (incl. GST) for 6 weeks

In this six week course for teenagers and adults we use only the latest and most effective training methods.

You’ll learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Pay attention to you – even with other dogs and people around
  • Chill out when you want him/her to
  • Sit, down, & stay – with distractions like bouncing balls
  • Walk nicely on a leash – no pulling towards other dogs or people
  • Come when called – with distractions like squeaky toys, food and balls around
  • Greet people politely, without jumping up


The Fundamentals Class Times and Locations


Sorry - on HOLD until spring.


Register on-line: - if you'd like to get on the class list for April.

3680 Cottonwood Street, Victoria BC