Puppy Head-Start Program

Is on HOLD until April - sorry, no classes until spring.

Register on-line: http://bit.ly/2qgKj8G - if you'd like to be on the list for April

For puppies ages 9 to 16 weeks old at the start of class - $70 (incl. GST) for 4 weeks - ongoing enrollment format (start anytime)

What your puppy learns between birth and 16 weeks of age is going to play a major role in what kind of adult dog you have. The dog who loves everyone and everything or the dog that startles at the sight of a man in a hat... it all begins right here and now! Get a Head-Start on being the envy of the neighbourhood.

Puppy classes are not dumbed down dog obedience classes. The focus of this course is socialization and everything else that has to do with owning a puppy - puppy biting, housetraining, destructive chewing, jumping, barking and other typical puppy problems are all covered in class.

As a bonus: when you register your puppy for a Fundamentals training class (the next step for any dog), you'll get a discount on your puppy class.  


Puppy Head-Start Program Class Times and Locations

Puppy Head-Start Program - on hold until spring

Register on-line: http://bit.ly/2qgKj8G - to be on the class list for April

3680 Cottonwood Street, Victoria BC