The focus of training is on rewarding and increasing desired behaviours and management and prevention of undesirable behaviour. We encourage the liberal use of rewards during training, but the correct use of food in training will be stressed, avoiding the "my-dog-only-works-when-there's-food-involved" trap. Emphasis will be on including "life rewards" of food, toys, petting, play, praise, and attention.


We use reward based methods only, including lure-reward and clicker training. Clever Canine uses no choke, pinch or shock collars or other aversive methods. We do not condone fear- and force-based training methods.


Training is simple, effective and fun, based on the psychology of how dogs think and learn. We use scientifically proven training methods and provide you with the latest training techniques and tips.


It's much easier to prevent behavioural problems before they start. At Clever Canine we look for good behaviour and reinforce it, rather than constantly trying to stop and punish bad behaviour. It's so much easier (and efficient) to teach your dog the right thing to do.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is an exciting way of communicating with and training animals. You use a marker signal (the sound of a toy clicker) or word to tell the animal when it's doing the behaviour you desire and to promise that a worthwhile reward will follow. The system was first widely used by dolphin trainers who needed a way to teach behaviour without using physical force.

To find out more about clicker training and how it works you can visit this link: