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Top 5 Tips for Dog-People Greetings

It’s holiday season and that means lots of visiting and visitors. Follow these tips so that your dog is welcome to say hi to anyone on the street or at home.

Five Keys to a Safe Halloween

I asked my students in class last night: what’s your plan for your puppy on Halloween? I got 6 blank stares – no one had thought about what to do with the dog! And because most of the dogs were new to their homes, owners and dogs had no experience with the perils of Halloween.

To Be or Not to Be....a Dog's Dog

We all want our dogs to 'make nice' with other dogs—and shouldn’t it come naturally? Dogs are social, after all. So why does an otherwise sweet-natured canine buddy turn into a killjoy at the park? One reason is that dogs can be introverts, too.

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