Private Dog Training…

Living with a dog should be fun, not frustrating. I want you to have a dog you can truly enjoy.  Keep reading…

You may still have health concerns. I want you safe and healthy. Check out our Covid-19 protocols. You are protected!

Did lockdown bring out the worst in your dog? Or revealed behaviours you don’t like?

The benefits of private training are endless!


you can book online and find something that fits into your schedule and budget

you'll get individual attention to your needs while keeping a safe social distance

for in-person training all we need is space - indoors or out - at my facility or at your home

With private lessons, the focus is on you!


We can get your puppy socialized, confident and trained, in the comfort of your own home, yard and neighbourhood, or at my facility.

We can work on the basics and you'll learn how to get your dog to pay attention to you; sit, down & stay; come when called and walk nicely on a leash.

We can get really annoying behaviours specific to your dog like jumping up, counter-surfing, barking, chewing on coffee tables under control.

We can change how your dog feels about other dogs, strangers in your home, or nail trims.

Unfortunately, at this time, I am having to ‘press pause’ on almost all new client intakes, especially severe behaviour issues. Family health issues have arisen, and I’ve had to make those things a priority. 

Please send me a message for resources and training help. I’ll do what I can.

It’s as simple as…

Schedule your FREE phone call

Let’s get to know a bit about each other first! Your 20-minute phone call with me is free and there is no obligation.

Let’s talk about your dog – I can help!


Book your in-person training session

It’s time to get training!

With a link you get from me, you’ll be able to book your Initial Session. This will be in-person. either at my facility or at your own home. Then, with the information I have about you and your dog, I’ll present a plan that will get you training and start making changes to your dog’s behaviour.


Get into a program and start having a dog you enjoy!

Access to your digital library of handouts and videos, a management plan and behavioural wellness checklist will begin your training journey.

With email support and advice from me between your sessions, you’ll be able to work with your dog, focus on the important stuff, AND enjoy your dog.


Janet provided us with fun, friendly expert advice, educating both us and our puppy. Her rapport with dogs is truly amazing and her training sessions were invaluable. We were looking for a positive, loving approach to training and we found it!



Every training program includes:


Goal Setting

How do you know what path to take if you don’t know where you’re going?

Setting goals helps training plans by giving them a beginning, a middle and an end. What does the end behaviour look like? And is that specific? Measurable? Achievable? Realistic? We’ll talk about all of this in your initial session.


A Management Plan

An easy management plan, that works for you and your dog, is the first step to correcting unwanted behaviour. Whether we’re talking about peeing in the house, or barking and lunging at other dogs, management is a necessary component of your training plan.


Simple Scheduling

With my on-line calendar, scheduling your sessions is easy! No more phone tag or email roller coasters – just click & choose the day & time that work for you!


Homework Handouts

A digital library of handouts, articles, and video links are all the back-up plan you need so that you don’t forget about what to work on and so you’ve got a plan going forward.

A single, one hour session may be scheduled at a cost of $150. Please understand – this is an assessment. Dogs aren’t trained in 60 minutes.

Schedule a call

your 20-minute phone consult with me is free and there is no obligation.

Let’s talk about your dog! I can help.

Thank you, Janet, for helping us train our Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, Bruno. The private training sessions have been tremendously helpful, from tips on setting up his place at home to spotting potentially problematic behaviour patterns, so that they could be addressed early. Thanks to your guidance, Bruno has developed into a happy and attentive puppy, and he is a pleasure to be around. Last but not least, our whole family enjoyed working with you. We are delighted to have met you and look forward to staying in touch. P.S. Oh, and thank-you to your wonderful Mabel for being such a great role model for Bruno during his training sessions!



“Janet was very knowledgable about the relationship between owners and their dogs and how best to create mutual respect between them. We saw great progress with our dog after working with Janet and would highly recommend her.”



“In a little over an hour in a private lesson, Janet had my puppy (and me) trained to sit, lie down, and stop pulling on that leash. Lessons with Janet are the best investment in happy dog ownership. She is warm and funny and just amazing with dogs.”



Janet was highly recommended by a local breeder, and I can understand why she was endorsed by a professional. Janet is fantastic. My family and I were brave enough to choose a terrier as our first pet ;). Janet answered every question and concern with helpful information and practical advice, while celebrating the traits of our dog and finding humour in training our bold and energetic Rusty. Many breeds have hard-wired traits, and I have no doubt that Janet has the expertise and skill to effectively help train any dog.



Ready to take your training from frustrating to fun?

Ready to take your training from frustrating to fun?

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