Private Training & Consultations

Your time is at a premium - you're balancing your work and family life. Training the dog has become just another item on your to-do list. We offer a wide variety of individualized programs and packages to suit you, your lifestyle and your dog.

Clever Canine makes it easy:

  • You pick from a variety of days and times to fit into your hectic schedule. We offer single sessions or economical packages.
  • You choose what you want your dog to learn so your sessions are focused on your concerns
  • And best of all, we come to you!

All private sessions begin with an initial consultation (1-1.5 hours long) in which your training goals and the best way of meeting them, are discussed.


First session (1.5 hours): $150

Single session (1 hour): $80

Package rates available when multiple sessions are purchased at the first session

Personal Coaching: for dogs of any age and any level of training.

Personal, one-on-one coaching works well for owners who want to be fully involved in the training of their dog, but need a flexible schedule and enjoy work at a self-directed pace.

Our private lesson program covers the same material presented during Clever Canine’s group classes but with a focus on the special needs of you and your dog. We can work on the basics and you’ll learn how to get your dog to pay attention to you; sit, down and stay; come when called and walk nicely on a leash. Or we can work on really annoying behaviours specific to your dog like jumping up, counter-surfing, barking, eating inappropriate items or chewing on coffee tables.

Behaviour Consultations & Problem-solving:

Our in-home consultations cover problems from housetraining, hyperactivity, barking and jumping to the more serious problems of guarding food or objects, shyness, fearfulness, separation anxiety and aggression.

What you get:

  • Your initial phone consultation is free – this is the time to tell Janet about why you need the expertise of Clever Canine
  • An in-home evaluation of your dog and the problem you are having. In this first session (which lasts approximately 1.5 hours) Janet will take a full behaviour history of your dog and the problem you are experiencing, discuss the prognosis and give you some solutions that you can implement right away.
  • A recommended training schedule and protocol devised specifically for you and your dog.