Hi Janet,
I wanted to thank you again and express my appreciation for your positive, gentle and patient training techniques and for the unique courses that you offer.

We were originally referred to you by our vet, Dr. Jonathan Smith of Anicare, when we first got Cricket at 8 weeks.  It had been 12 years since we had a puppy and we quickly realized how much we had forgotten.  We attended your puppy class which was incredibly informative.  In fact, through your lesson of practicing handling, including paws, ears, etc. we realized Cricket had a raging ear infection which led to confirmation of a number of food allergies very early on.

We then graduated to your FUNdamentals class which provided us with proactive training tips for our young, growing puppy.  This was especially important as we went through the beginnings of the "terrible tweens" with our energetic little black Labrador retriever.  The environment was always positive and we learned so much from you and from all of the humans in the class as we shared our successes and frustrations, as a group.  In fact, the lessons from this course, which we religiously practiced, translated to a Novice Obedience win with NOSA this past spring.

Finally, your unique courses for on and off leash training have been invaluable.  I refer to this as "real world obedience training" which is very different than an indoor ring where the environment is controlled.  I especially enjoyed the on leash class walking up and down Cook Street through the Village teeming with people and dogs and my favourite off leash class was the UVic dog park.  Your positive approach to dealing with the everyday distractions of, people, other dogs (nice and not so nice), smelly goodies on the ground waiting to be hoovered, squirrels, etc. has provided me with confidence as a handler and more importantly, confidence in my dog.  I know that she has the capacity to be polite, well behaved, balanced and can handle pretty much any situation with my positive reinforcement and gentle guidance.

Thank you again.  Please keep me on your mailing list as I love working with my dog and having these gentle reminders of how to make our relationship better.  I have and will continue to refer my friends and associates to you.

Best regards,
Ali & Cricket


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