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It can be tough when you love your dog but do not love some of the behaviours.

You thought having a dog would be fun, but instead it’s so frustrating, and all the stuff you need to know is so overwhelming! You’ve tried a few different things, but nothing is working and it’s all getting worse!


  • You’ve learned about a couple of simple concepts and now you’ve got clarity on how to proceed. You’ve got a plan!
  • You’ve learned a couple of simple training techniques, and now your dog is paying attention to you; your walks are actually pleasant; your furniture no longer has teeth marks or pee stains; and your dog can be off-leash at the beach!

Are you ready to uncomplicate your dog training and enjoy your dog?

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How to Socialize your Puppy

How to Socialize your Puppy

Puppy socialization is something I think about a lot because I’m a trainer and I run puppy socialization classes here in Victoria BC. But what socialization is, and how it can be accomplished is at the forefront of everything I do because I think it is misunderstood...

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How to do the Running Bunny in Nosework

How to do the Running Bunny in Nosework

In the sport of nosework (or scent detection) dogs search for a target odor that has been secretly placed in each of the four ‘elements’.  Dogs must learn to search containers (like boxes or suitcases), interior spaces, exterior spaces and vehicles.  In a nosework...

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