Living with a dog should be fun, not frustrating.

All things nosework in Victoria BC.

Classes. Workshops. Trials. Seminars.



cute lab puppy looking at owner

Want to do more with your dog? You’ve come to the right place!

Is your dog is making up his own fun, and way too smart? He really needs a job, and have I got the gig for him!

Have you got an out-of-control adolescent or brand new dog? Feeling disconnected or frustrated, and just not listened to? Get into a group class - less frustration, more fun!


I get it! You’re struggling. My group training classes and nosework coaching have helped thousands of people find solutions to their most irritating, stress-inducing and overwhelming dog challenges.


What Clever Canine can do for a dog owner like YOU!


Give your dog a job!

Nosework is the job your dog dreams about at night. Well, that, and chasing bunnies.

It’s easy to start and train; can be done anywhere, anytime; and is the perfect exercise and mental enrichment for dogs of any size, temperament or physical ability.

Classes start again in Fall 2024.


Train your dog in a fun group setting

Group classes are made for you if you prefer a community vibe when it comes to training.

A positive atmosphere, with people-friendly dogs, and other dog-friendly people means learning is fun. It doesn’t hurt that classes are budget-friendly too.

Group classes are starting again in Fall 2024.


What are my clients saying?


I can’t recommend this (nosework) enough! Janet is lovely, and patient, and knowledgeable and clearly loves what she does.

And this activity is literally for ANY dog!!

The classes are run so well and safely and are set up for dog and human to have fun. Linden and I will be back for sure!!!!!!!!

Kate & Linden


I was chicken at first to let Rolo off leash at the park. But for 3 days in a row things have gone fabulously well. Today he did a recall from across the length of the soccer field, at full speed! I would never have had the guts to try this without our training. Rolo gets a bit more tired out before his day and I’m meeting many dogs and their humans in our neighbourhood. Thank you!

Maria & Rolo


Les and I want to let you know that following your advice has done wonders for Frederick.  We were able to take him with us to the Okanagan for Thanksgiving with friends, and he was the life of the party – curious, playful and loving all the attention he received.  Another success story for you, and a great gift for us both – he is as close to me as he is to Les, and I am thrilled!

Grant & Les, & Frederick