Nosework Classes

Made for dogs. Fun for people.

In-person, limited attendance classes available. Scroll down to find nosework classes in Victoria BC.


Why do Nosework? Nosework is:

  • A perfect mental stimulation activity – that will tire even the most energetic dog
  • A confidence builder for shy and fearful dogs
  • A safe outlet for reactive dogs
  • Totally natural and…
  • Unbelievably fun (for dogs and people)

The wonderful thing about nosework is that really almost any dog can do it. I would recommend it to anyone but, it is really a terrific confidence builder for dogs, and so much fun for people.

Allison & Joni

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nosework classes in Victoria BC

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Spring 2023 Class Registrations Coming Soon!

Registration for classes and workshops open to the public on April 3, 2023. For early-bird registration get on the waitlist!

Beginner Nosework Workshop

Not sure about the sport of nosework? Discover how fabulous it is in one easy seminar-style class.

  • See if the structure of a nosework class suits you and your dog
  • See if your dog has the patience to wait in the car for their turn
  • See if your dog has the ‘gift of sniff’

2.5 hours of instruction (depending on the number of dogs registered and how much fun we’re having).

$69 (incl. GST) for 2.5 hours of instruction. 

Saturday April 22, 2023

1pm – Sorry FULL


Saturday April 22, 2023

4pm – sorry FULL


Sunday April 23, 2023

9:30am – Sorry FULL


Saturday May 20, 2023

9:30am – sorry FULL


Introduction to Odor

Introduce target odors and get your dog hunting! In 6 weeks your dog will learn 3 odors, and be able to search containers and interior spaces.

$225 (incl. GST) for 6 weeks. Price includes odor kit & access to your classroom’s Facebook group, digital homework library and training videos.

Registration for spring classes will open soon. Get on the waitlist.   



Sundays @ 2:30pm

Starting May 7, 2023

(May 7, 14, 28, June 4, 11, 18)

Sorry FULL



Fridays @ 3:30pm

Starting April 14,

(April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 19, 26)

Sorry FULL



Close-up of a dog's nose

Introduction to the Elements

Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles – and now your pet dog is looking like the detection dog you’ve dreamed of!

Prerequisite: Intro to Odor with Clever Canine

$225 (incl. GST) for 5 weeks of class + 1 drop-in + a nosework surprise package!

Fridays @ 5:30

Starting March 31st, 2023


Saturdays @ 9am

Starting April 1, 2023




(Contact Janet if you haven’t got the pre-requisite)




Close-up of a dog's nose

Introduction to Advanced Concepts

And now we train those sexy skills that are so exciting to watch – elevations, multiple hides, converging odors, distractions, indoors and out. If you’re serious about trialing in the sport, this is the class.

Prerequisite: Intro to the Elements with Clever Canine (OR you are starting to trial and you’ve spoken with Janet about this class)


Classes will resume  March 26, 2023.

Sorry – FULL


Addicted yet?

Become a Clever Canine nosework student and become part of a community. You’ll receive:

  • Discounts on classes when starting your second (or third, or fourth!) dog
  • Priority registration for any nosework class
  • access to our exclusive “Nosework Alumni” Facebook group
  • access to your private, members only, class Facebook group
  • access to Clever Canine’s drop-in sessions
  • Priority attendance to nosework events hosted by Clever Canine
  • Priority entry into nosework trials hosted by Clever Canine when you are at the Started level
Nosework dog alerts on source during exterior search  in Victoria BC