Nosework Classes

Made for dogs. Fun for people.

In-person classes available in Victoria BC.


Why do Nosework? Nosework is:

  • A perfect mental stimulation activity – that will tire even the most energetic dog
  • A confidence builder for shy and fearful dogs
  • A safe outlet for reactive dogs
  • Totally natural and…
  • Unbelievably fun (for dogs and people)

The wonderful thing about nosework is that really almost any dog can do it. I would recommend it to anyone but, it is really a terrific confidence builder for dogs, and so much fun for people.

Allison & Joni

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nosework classes in Victoria BC

Get into a nosework class in Victoria BC

Spring 2024 Class Registrations open in February!

Registration for classes and workshops open to the public on February 22nd, 2024. For early-bird registration get on the waitlist!

Beginner Nosework Workshop

Not sure about the sport of nosework? Discover how fabulous it is in one easy seminar-style class.

  • See if the structure of a nosework class suits you and your dog
  • See if your dog has the patience to wait in the car for their turn
  • See if your dog has the ‘gift of sniff’

2.5-3 hours of instruction (depending on the number of dogs registered and how much fun we’re having).

$89 (incl. GST) 

Friday March 15, 2024




Saturday March 16, 2024




Saturday April 13, 2024




Sunday April 14, 2024




Sunday February 11, 2024


Sorry – FULL



Dates in May  2024

To be determined






Janet was amazing with the dogs and her class was amazing. We learned so much and it is so great for the dogs. I can’t say enough great things about the class! Sign up for the wait list if you are interested – there is a reason her classes sell out. I waited 4 months to get my doggo in!

Tricia & Sandra Dee

Introduction to Odor

This class introduces the target odors required for trialing, and gets your dog hunting! In 7 weeks your dog will learn 3 odors, and be able to search containers and interior spaces.

$289 (incl. GST) for 7 weeks. Price includes odor kit & access to your classroom’s Facebook group, digital homework library and training videos.

Get on the waitlist for early-bird registration for Spring 2024. Registration opens in December.   

Public registration opens February 22nd.



Saturdays @ 9am 

Starting April 6, 2024

(exact dates to be determined)



Sundays @ 4:30pm

Starting January 2024

Sorry – FULL



Mondays @ 9:30am

Starting March 2024

March 4, 11, 18, April 8, 15, 22, 29 

Fridays @ 9:30am

Starting March 2024

March 1, 8, 15, April 5, 12, 19, 26



Close-up of a dog's nose

Introduction to the Elements

Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles – and now your pet dog is looking like the detection dog you’ve dreamed of!

Prerequisite: Intro to Odor with Clever Canine

$247 (incl. GST) for 5 weeks of class + 1 drop-in + a nosework surprise package!


Contact Janet if you didn’t introduce odor with Clever Canine.

Sundays @ 4:30pm

Starting April 7th, 2024


Fridays @ 5pm

Starting April 5th, 2024 


Close-up of a dog's nose

Introduction to Advanced Concepts

And now we train those sexy skills that are so exciting to watch – elevations, multiple hides, converging odors, distractions, indoors and out. If you’re serious about trialing in the sport, this is the class.

Prerequisite: Intro to the Elements with Clever Canine (OR you are starting to trial and you’ve spoken with Janet about this class)


Classes will resume  2024






Addicted yet?

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  • Discounts on classes when starting your second (or third, or fourth!) dog
  • Priority registration for any nosework class
  • access to our exclusive “Nosework Alumni” Facebook group
  • access to your private, members only, class Facebook group
  • access to Clever Canine’s drop-in sessions
  • Priority attendance to nosework events hosted by Clever Canine
  • Priority entry into nosework trials hosted by Clever Canine when you are at the Started level
Nosework dog alerts on source during exterior search  in Victoria BC